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Vertical Forms - Years 7 through 11 in one room

Hello all,
I've just completed my first year of teaching in the UK and am now being faced with a new system for form time in my second year. (I'm told form time roughly equates to advisement or homeroom in the USA.)

Previously, during the 15 minutes in the morning when pupils would come in to settle, I would take attendance etc, I had in front of me 25 pupils all in the same year group/grade (I was a year 7 tutor this year so that’s a room of 11-12 year olds.) Now we are moving to a system my school is calling vertical forms where my morning group of pupils will consist of 5 pupils from each year group. I will now have in front of me a range of 11-16 year olds, 5 from each year/grade.

I have never had any experience with this type of situation and am wondering if anyone out there has some sage advice for me^_^

Questions that spring to mind:
What types of problems do people think I may run into? Behavioural? Instructional?
How do I get the different year groups to support each other and not splinter off into simply socializing/working with others in their own age group?
How do I promote positive social interaction between the age groups?
How do I ensure that the young pupils aged 11-12 do not feel overwhelmed/frightened/left out by the older pupils?

Thank you in advance for any comments made^_^
(I've been away for a bit so apoligies if I've missed a post where a similar topic was already discussed - pointers towards that post would be greatly appreciated.)
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