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What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment?

GTP experience?

Hi everyone!
I've been looking into doing the GTP as a route into teaching (probably to start in 2011, I've missed the boat for 2010) and one thing about it is worrying me. Most of the local providers I've researched have said that you need to have "some" classroom experience... Can anyone define what "some" is?! I've volunteered before, when I was in Sixth Form I helped lead GCSE French and German lessons (with teachers there, obviously), I also spent two weeks as a classroom assistant in a local primary school after I finished my A-levels to get some experience, and whilst on my compulsory year abroad (I studied languages) I spent four months working as an unofficial language assistant at a high school in Germany. That last stint is coming up on two years ago. Do you think this would be enough, or would they expect me to get some more experience?

On a more general note... Can anyone (truthfully) recommend or not-recommend teaching to me? Everyone that I've spoken to has said, "Oh my God don't do that you'll never have any spare time argh!!" but somehow that doesn't seem to dissuade me. I've never had a compulsion to teach, but I think it's something that I could be good at at, even though I hear horror stories about behaviour and paperwork etc. etc. I'm planning on emailing some of my old teachers and doing a lot more research, because I don't think that teaching is something you should rush into. It's a child's education at stake, right? I may decide that it isn't for me, but if I all I hear is "Argh no social life argh!" then I don't think I'm getting a fair picture!
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