gingerhobbit (gingerhobbit) wrote in teaching_uk,

Computer Science in Education?

Hi all!

I'm Beci, a 2nd year computer science student aiming for a Primary PGCE. Bit random I know, but there we go. Anyway, we're in the process of proposing our final year project ideas at the moment, and obviously any way of linking it to education for me would be a huge bonus.

So what I'm asking really is if there is any specific section of the curriculum (primary or secondary, I'm really looking at this quite broadly at the moment) that you feel could be greatly improved with some kind of software program or IT initiative. My degree focuses on computer vision and graphics, so is there any teaching ventures at the moment that depend on graphics/images/animation in some shape or form? I'm thinking of perhaps literacy, for example. Or perhaps there is some research into an IT-related method of teaching currently taking place that you may have covered in an essay or project?

Apologies that this sounds really vague, but I am looking at it quite broadly at the moment. Just some sort of idea that I could research and play around with from teachers or students like you who are in the know about what's currently going on in terms of IT in education.

Thankyou for any help you can give me!
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